In the many years of experience I have acquired working in various companies, I have noticed that women often undervalue themselves, and self-doubt and fear often hinder their progress. They are less assertive than their male colleagues when it comes to requesting more salary and assuming greater responsibility. Wouldn’t it be a worthy endeavour to equip the many for the most part excellently qualified women with authentic and matching female presentation skills?


  • You are a highly qualified female manager but have so far not been able to move your career forward in line with your professional background and experience?
  • In a few years’ time you would like to return to a full-time position in line with your professional qualifications and work experience?
  • You have enjoyed an excellent education, have some work experience, are highly qualified and would now like to take on your first managerial position?
  • Your employees are at least 10 years older than you – and so are your management colleagues?

Women often have different goals and values when planning their lives.

My main areas of consultancy

Determining the situation:

Where do you currently stand? Do you want to change something? What for example? What are your strengths and skills? I will help you to plan your career.

Your communication:

Effective communication takes place at three levels – at the factual level, the small-talk level, and the non-verbal level. Reflect together with me in the coaching sessions on how you communicate. Have you mastered the rules of the game? Stay authentic but become more powerful and assertive.

Dealing with success:

Are you able to present and sell your own success in such a way that it is acknowledged and appropriately rewarded financially? Due to their need for harmony, women unnecessarily and of their own accord tend to emphasize their inadequacy while at the same time downplaying their accomplishments.

Dealing with confrontation:

Men tend to approach confrontation rather playfully. For many women confrontation is rather unpleasant – we have been shaped differently by our socialization and the role we have in society. When a confrontation occurs, we experience it emotionally and let it guide our actions. Become aware of this so that you can act more self-confidently and successfully in a conflict situation. Pay attention to your body language, facial expressions and gestures – that is how you will then be perceived.

Your use of language:

The language used by men and women is fundamentally different.
Example: A female manager wants to make a suggestion. She wants to be polite and constructive, without taking centre-stage: “Wouldn’t it make sense if …? Perhaps we could …?”

This kind of language often perceived differently by her male colleagues ‒ namely as a sign of indecisiveness and uncertainty, in line with the view: “She doesn’t know what she wants”.

The speed with which you speak is also an important factor ‒ it can be helpful in some situations and counterproductive in others. I can help you prepare for future situations in business life and support you in putting forward your proposals, ideas and concepts in an appropriate, clear and confident manner.

A woman needs to know the rules of the game – and how to present herself and act…

I look forward to answering your questions and to hearing from you.

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