I will help you to achieve your personal goals. Collaboration should ideally be one of mutual respect ‒ a partnership of equals.
My goal is to find the best possible way of achieving your goals.


My overriding goal in coaching is to encourage awareness and self-responsibility. I would like to enable you to recognise and broaden your own perceptions and experience, and refine your behaviour. In the coaching process, your current strengths and knowledge will be used and expanded to support you in your further development and in the achievement of your goals.

Coaching is not a standard product, but an individual process. You as an individual ‒ with your own personality, skills and experiences ‒ are at the focus of this. You contribute your willingness to change and your knowledge, and you ultimately the shape your life. I will support and guide you for a period of time on this journey and help you to shape this process. I see myself as a professional discussion partner, a giver of feedback, an impulse provider and a confidante. Experience has shown that talking to an outsider often opens up new perspectives.

Absolute confidentiality on my side as well as openness and the willingness to change on your side are indispensable requirements for success.


I offer coaching to companies, individuals and teams for:

  • companies wishing to promote their employees’ personal development,
  • people and teams who want to achieve a goal or change their current situation, and
  • all those who want to communicate clearly and comprehensibly, sell themselves better or prepare for an important presentation.



Business Coaching

Business coaching focuses on job-related topics. My goal in this type of coaching is to advise and support you in your professional development, to help you to identify and use your skills and strengths in order to be successful long-term.

Main areas of coaching:

Executive coaching, communication, empathy / presentation skills / leadership, change management, various conflict situations, finding new direction, work-life balance, resilience, need for change.

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In team coaching, all members work together to achieve their goals. Building and enhancing team spirit it makes the team more than the sum of its members.

This type of coaching is often used for teams or groups,

  • … who want to reinvent themselves and lay the foundation for constructive cooperation.
  • … who are in a state of upheaval due to the restructuring of a company, and who are coping with the addition of new team members or new challenges.
  • … when conflicts arise that stand in the way of an effective and goal-oriented way of working, and
  • …who wish to further strengthen their team spirit and to turn a good team into an outstanding one!

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Life Coaching:

Life coaching addresses many questions of a personal nature. How do you achieve the objectives you have set yourself? What are your concrete goals? Do you have any? How can you make maximum use of your potential? Which resources, perspectives or convictions support you in this? What do you find particularly important in your life?

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####Individual coaching:

#####In particular, I focus on the coaching of women executives with regard to their personal development, career path, and attaining a good work-life balance.

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Project Coaching:

With this type of coaching I support the project manager as a sparring partner in their project. Apart from providing concrete ideas and solutions to problems, I also teach supervision techniques that the coachee can later use in their job.

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Wingwave Coaching ®

#####Wingwave is an emotion-based and performance-based form of coaching that is known to be very effective. It is based on the latest findings from the field of brain research and quickly and noticeably leads to a reduction of performance stress and to an increase of creativity and general performance.

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„Wer nicht weiß wohin er will, darf sich nicht wundern, wenn er ganz woanders ankommt.“

Mark Twain

I look forward to answering your questions and to hearing from you.

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