These are the values underpinning my work.


Ultimately, my goal is for my customers to be satisfied. I try to understand their needs and wishes so that my work leads to good solutions for each of them. Time, costs and benefits should be in perfect balance.

Trust and confidentiality

I say what I do and I do what I say. Trust is a pre-condition for a successful cooperation. Only people who trust are willing to make decisions ‒ and to change. I can assure you of absolute confidentiality!


Mindfulness is a particular kind of attention and awareness ‒ of ourselves and of the world around us. This implies holding yourself and others in high regard. I will be mindful towards you!


It is essential to treat people, cultures and companies with respect. I am convinced that the differences between us enrichen our lives and work. This is why I assign so much importance to maintaining a respectful form of interaction!


My communication is tactful, never hurtful, but also precise and to the point. I see my task as being able to identify and address contradictions, problems and conflicts.


I do not pretend to know “all the answers”, but I respect the unique characteristics and particuliarities of the individuals and companies I work with. My aim is to find custom-made solutions that fit the individual or organisation concerned.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde