Business coaching focuses on job-related issues. My goal is to guide you in your professional development, to identify your strengths and skills and to help you use them to achieve long-term success. In this field I work a lot for companies in the context of talent promotion and the further development of their managers, but I am also available to those who wish to enhance their personal development in a professional setting.

The coaching can take place in your company, in my office or in other locations.

Individual support for your success.

In companies and organisations, the focus is often on supporting change processes or the specific development of employees, with the aim of giving them the support they need in accordance with their strengths and skills, and using human resources as meaningfully and effectively as possible.

I often give advice and support to those who are taking on a new job and wish to have an experienced sparring partner for the initial “onboarding” period. Experts today agree that, more than ever before, the so-called “soft skills” and the social-emotional competence of an employee or executive are at least as important for the success of a company and the success of the individual as their specialist skills.

People who are authentic, who communicate well, live by their own and their company’s values and who do not let their minds rule their hearts can be a great source of inspiration and serve as a role model for their fellow human beings. In this sense executives, in particular, bear special responsibility.

“Human leadership is about taking someone by the hand without holding on to them, and letting go without completely letting go.”
Wilma Eudenbach, German journalist

I look forward to answering your questions and to hearing from you.

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