Companies must adapt to the constant changes in the market. But no matter whether you strategically realign your business, restructure your company or merge different corporate cultures ‒ change processes are unsettling! It is not only the employees who need to prepared for an upcoming change. Your customers, suppliers and the general public also need to be convinced of the benefits of a change process.

Are you planning to introduce change processes in your company and thinking of requesting external support?


  • I have advised several major acquisitions as the lead consultant responsible for operational communication for the company
  • I have given advice and support with a large merger between two companies as the person in charge of change and communication processes
  • I have advised on changes in corporate culture following restructuration processes
  • I have given advice and support during the spin-off of a company and its subsequent stock market flotation
  • I have supported the integration of a largely independent company into a corporate group


Change communication

I provide advice and support with change processes by means of appropriate, targeted communication ‒ internally and externally ‒ in order to create the necessary transparency and maintain the values of your company.


Company mergers bring with them a multitude of changes ‒ for all parties involved. They are initially viewed critically by many stakeholders, and uncertainties and questions may arise. In this situation, coordinated and goal-oriented internal and external communication is essential so that all participants are given background information in a factual and coordinated manner. I will support and advise you in the preparation and creation of all matters of communication.

Restructuring processes

Restructuring in companies is mostly a complex process which, for many participants, is often associated with cuts. Therefore, all parties involved should be involved at an early stage in order to be able to respond openly and with good arguments to the questions and the inevitable criticism.

######The worries and fears of the employees must be taken seriously. It is just as important for those involved to understand the reason for the change as it is to know the planned objectives and to have the necessary resources available. I prepare and advise on the appropriate, accompanying communication to get the employees behind a restructuring process, which otherwise would not succeed.

Setting a new course

There can be many reasons for a strategic reorientation. The planning of a new corporate direction is usually for the domain of senior management or a small circle of confidants. During this time, employees often feel anxious and insecure, as tension becomes noticeable and signals are sent that changes are imminent. Since many important participants are not yet involved, fears and worries arise which can jeopardise the performance of the business and the upcoming change process. Open and target group-oriented communication will help you to involve those affected and to achieve understanding of and subsequent commitment to the change process.

„Wenn zwei dasselbe sagen, meinen sie noch lange nicht das Gleiche.“

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